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Will You #voteformentalhealth This Year?

At NAMI, we’re excited for what’s ahead in 2024. Why? Because we can make mental health a priority at the ballot box. Will you join us to #Vote4MentalHealth?

NAMI will never tell you who to vote for or support. We are nonpartisan, and #Vote4MentalHealth isn’t about candidates or political parties – it’s about all of us understanding how voting impacts mental health.


From the White House to our State Houses to our local school boards, candidates who will be elected this year will go on to make major decisions that impact everyone affected by mental health conditions. It’s up to all of us — you, your family, your friends and voters across your community — to make sure that mental health is a priority this election season.


How can you get started? Take the pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth. When you complete the pledge, you commit to do one thing: take the time to understand how your vote impacts mental health. And we’ll send you key election date reminders, and steps you can take to #Vote4MentalHealth and encourage others to do the same.

vote for mental health


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