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How do American workers perceive mental health and well-being in the workplace?

Our new poll reveals that a large number of American workers believe it’s appropriate to talk about mental health at work, but far fewer feel comfortable doing so themselves. Learn more about how American workers think about mental health and well-being and what you can do to create healthy, supportive workplaces. For the full NAMI workplace poll findings:

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This NAMI/Ipsos poll was conducted January 4-9, 2024, by Ipsos using the probability-based KnowledgePanel®. This poll is based on a nationally representative probability sample of 2,062 general population adults age 18 or older, who are employed full-time and work at a business or company with at least 100 employees. The survey has a margin of error of ± 2.5 percentage points. Learn more about the poll methodology here.


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